Bring the Thrill and Excitement of virtual NASCAR racing to your event and take the CHECKERED FLAG!
This authentic full sized, full motion computer interactive #24 Monte Carlo® racing simulator is as close to real NASCAR racing as you can get off the track. This is not a toy, not a static display. The Virtual Motion NASCAR Simulator is a fully operational and insured racing experience your guests and their children won't stop talking about. From the first curve to the checkerd flag, drivers will listen to the excited advice of the pit crew chief as they accelerate down the track and steer through traffic,,,braking and bumping and skidding into the wall on the far curve. 
The Virtual Motion NASCAR Simulator is ideal entertainment for shopping malls, high school senior parties and lock-ins, college events and parties, trade shows, conventions, grand openings, and, other promotions or events.  Choice of indoor or outdoor events under your tent (except adverse, inclement weather).
Is the Virtual Motion NASCAR Simulator right for your event location?  See our Venue Specifications page to determine if the simulator "fits" your venue, building and access.  Since distance, schedule, overnight requirements and venue can impact costs, we will need to provide a quote for your event

Fatal Vision® is a training tool used to vividly demonstrate the concept of impairment and the dangers of impaired driving. 
Fatal Vision®'s purpose is not to duplicate impairment caused by a specific level of alcohol or other drug ingested by a human.  Alcohol and other drugs have an effect on the brain that results in a variety of impairments.  The Fatal Vision® Goggles distort vision and cause behaviors that are similar to behaviors exhibited by someone under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  

Hundreds of law enforcement personnel across the country use the Fatal Vision® Goggles. Many of these professionals have used B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Concentration) to describe the level of impairment exhibited by someone wearing Fatal Vision® Goggles.  It was in their opinion that the behavior exhibited by someone wearing the Silver Label Fatal Vision® goggles was similar to behavior exhibited by someone with a B.A.C. of .17 to .20.  The general opinion shared by many of these professionals is that the Silver Label Fatal Vision® goggles provide a high level of impairment, while the Bronze Label Fatal Vision® goggles provide a moderate level of impairment.   We have adopted the use of B.A.C. to make it easy to describe the impairing effect produced by the Fatal Vision® goggles.
The Virtual Motion NASCAR Simulator is full sized. The car weighs 2,800 lbs. It's 17' 6" long. The venue needs to be large enough to accommodate the car, the people waiting to drive the simulator, and the computer monitors which give people waiting an idea of what they'll see when they drive the simulator. The simulator requires power, security, a dry environment and moderate temperatures.
Contact and driving directions for our operator.
A location close to the venue to park our tow vehicle and trailer (total length = 60').
Two people to help push the NASCAR simulator during both set up and tear down.
Minimum 80" horizontal clearance for all openings the car simulator must pass through.
No barriers to traverse (e.g. steps, curbs, steep inclines, door posts and sharp corners).
Inside floors and freight elevators must support a minimum of 2,800 lbs.
Two dedicated minimum 20 amp AC circuits are needed for power. If a portable generator is required, the customer must supply a generator that delivers stable nominal 110v, minimum 20 amp, 60 cycle AC power. The power source must be within 50' of the simulator.
Temperature must be between 50° and 100° F.
Outside venues require flat ground and a customer supplied tent that offers protection from wind and rain and meets minimum space requirements.
The minimum space required for an event is 10' by 20'. More space may be needed to accommodate long lines.
A minimum of 2 hour is required for set up and tear down.
The customer is responsible for security (to include overnight security), ticket sales, announcements and crowd control.
Operator requires breaks, time to eat meals and a hotel/motel for overnight stays. Our simulator operator will collect tickets and instruct drivers, but will not sell tickets.

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